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This Saturday, we’ll be premiering our new show, Agasthya, benefiting the Hindu Temple of Central Texas! Please join us October 4, at 5:30 PM in the Cultural Activities Center in Temple, TX. You can buy tickets online.

This Kuchipudi dance drama tells the story of Saint Agasthya. Saint Agasthya is important in the stories of North and South India. He performed many great deeds throughout his lifetime nad is considered to be the father of Indian medicine and of Tamil literature. Saint Agasthya also helped Rama defeat Ravana, the evil ten-headed ruler of Lanka.

Sage Agasthya was the first of eight Siddhars. The Siddhars possessed eight supernatural powers, known as the ashta siddhis–anima (shrinking), mahima (illimitability), lagima (lightness), garima (weight), prapthi (fulfillment of desires), prakasysm (irresistible will), isithavam (supremacy), and vasithavam (dominion over the elements).┬áThe Siddhars are are followers of Lord Shiva. Agasthya is also considered to be the guru of all Siddhars, and the Siddhars contributed thousands of texts to our Indian literature.