Guru Smt Suma Krishnamurthy

June 2-12

Suma Krishnamurthy is the director of Lalithashri Academy of Indian Dance  and Allied Arts, Bangalore. She is a well known Nattuvanar, Dancer and Choreographer.   She has performed in many prestigious sabhas and festivals in Bangalore.She taught for two decades in her Alma Mater Noopura dance Academy of Bangalore under the tutelage of her guru Smt Lalitha Srinivasan. Together with her husband renowned violonist T.S. Krishnamurthy she composes music for dance and has released several CDs.

Adavus to  alarippu:  6-7:30  pm ($225)
Jathiswaram to Varnam:  9-11 am ($290)
Post varnam: 2-4 pm ($390)

Kuchipudi Camp

June 17-27

Veena Murthy Vijay is an expert in Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi. A disciple of Korada Narasimha Rao, she is an expert in Alaya Sampradaya where pictures are drawn with the dancer’s feet in colored powder.


Laya and Tala Workshop

July 28 – Aug 4, 6-7:30 PM | $250

Provides all dancers with a basic understanding of tala structures and laya for dance. This will also help in understanding the basics of nattuvangam or konnakol. Open to dancers at Varnam level or beyond – preference given to post-arangetram students.

Solo Violin and Mridangam Lessons by Appointment

Live Music Dance Festival, Rehearsals July 28 – Aug. 4, Performance Sep 7-8


Bollywood Camp

After July 4th – timings coming soon

Raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Shreya Mohan spent the majority of her free time dancing since she was 2 years old. She took a variety of dance classes as a child, but stuck with Bharathanatyam through it all. She earned an Associate’s degree in Bharathanatyam from Alagappa University when she was 11 years old, making her the youngest to be given this honor in the college’s history. At the age of 12, she began choreographing dances in her community for the local Tamil Mandram and Indian Cultural Association. She specializes in Bollywood fusion. Honoring her classical dance background, her style has a heavy emphasis on semi-classical dance, but she is also comfortable using influences from other dance forms from around India, such as garba/raas and bhangra. While in college, she took numerous dance classes in ballet, modern dance, and other dance forms, which she also now uses to inspire aspects of her style.

Guru Narendra Kumar


Narendra Kumar is an early student of the Dhananjayans. He has earned a name for himself as a skilled Bharata Natyam dancer and choreographer. Eager to explore different dimensions in dance, he has studied martial arts such as Kalaripayyattu, Silambam and Tai-Chi. He has his dance establishment Anusham and is a teacher, choreographer and performer. He travels to the US often to work with dancers/choreographers and to aid them in their productions. He has choreographed many productions for Natyalaya such as Ganga, Antariksha and Alice in Wonderland to name a few.

Adavus to alarippu: 6-7:30 pm ($220)
Jathiswaram to Varnam: 9-11 am ($390)
Post varnam: 2-4 pm ($390)
Contact for private lessons.