Contact your teacher or Smt. Vinitha for more information unless specified below.

Guru Suma Krishnamurthy

June 4-16, 2017

Learn a dance and theory from Guru Sumu Krishnamurthy. A recital will be held at the end of the camp. Contact Smt. Vinitha for private lessons.

New all-day camp option available! More details below!

Meet and Greet: June 4 morning

Weekend abhinaya workshop for senior students (8:30 AM-12:30 PM): single day – $200, both days – $300

Guru Suma is a well-known expert on Javalis and Ashtapadis. Come learn javali Saturday and ashtapadi Sunday, as well as the ashtanayikas in modern context and how to emote.
Group camp sessions, weekdays only:

Beginners: adavus 4:30-5:30 PM) $220
Beginners: post-adavus to alarippu 6:00-7:30 PM) $300
Intermediates: jathisaram to varnam (9:00-11:30 AM) $380
Advanced: post-varnam (2:00-4:30 PM) $380
All-day camp (drop off 8:15 AMor later: pick up  3:30 PM or later) + $250

All-day camp includes yoga classes, angu shuddi workshops, abhinaya lessons, and history of Bharathanatyam with fun social time in between. Bring a packed lunch.


Contact us for more information on other summer camps:

Guru L Narendrakumar

July 16-23

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  • Fun, unique choreography and flexibility sessions for young kids.
Guru Venkatakrishnam Mahalingam Camp

August 13-19

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