Every year, Natyalaya stages several productions, ranging from traditional Bharathanatyam dance dramas to more contemporary musicals.

Coming soon Fall 2018, “Alice in Wonderland,” an original dance drama created and choreographed by the acclaimed Sri. P. Narendra Kumar.

Past Productions :

Ganga; a river’s story

The sacred river Ganga’s role in life, history, and myth is showcased in this original dance drama created and choreographed by the acclaimed Sri. P. Narenda Kumar staged in the Fall of 2017.

Roopa Viroopa

A retelling of Beauty and the Beast staged in the Fall of 2016 in Austin.


Nitryauttsavam 2015: Shanmadam

A performance by the teachers of Natyalaya staged January 10, 2015.



Staged February 21, 2015.


Jungle Book

In 2013, Natyalaya students performed Seonee, an adaptation of the Jungle Book. Click here for more info.


Roopa Viroopa

In 2012, we put on Roopa Viroopa, an adaptation of the Beauty and the Beast, which was performed as part of our 30th Anniversary Celebrations.