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Kalalaya honors Smt. Vinitha Subramanian

Kalalaya production, a non-profit production company stages Tamil plays and musicals across Texas. Founded by Krishna Shankar, Kalalaya is celebrating it’s tenth anniversary this year. As part of of their celebrations, they will be honoring the founder of Natyalaya, Smt. Vinitha Subramanian, and thirty years of propagating Indian art in Central Texas.

Join them for this three day celebration!

May 15th 6:45pm | Vandhe Matharam

The story is set in 1920 at the home of merchant vajravelu where a young, idealistic Sundram is being engaged to Sumathi. Their lives get intertwined with that of an arrogant, alcoholic Barrister Bhaskaran who mocks everyone but a great soul. Sundaram along with his friends plans to assassinate a British Viceroy, in retaliation to Jallianwala Bagh massacre. What happens.. the story unfolds. Script was originally written by Sri Cho Ramamswamy.
May 16th 6:00pm | RagaMalika
Kalalaya’s latest production, is a guaranteed treat for the carnatic music lover who also appreciates the fine art of drama and film. Tracing the life of a prodigy singer who is attached to his home town and its temple, the narrative will take you through a journey of excellent music performed professionally and humorous dialog executed with Krishna’s impeccable timing. Rising to a surprising climax, the drama will captivate the audience with its core message – passionate pursuit of excellence. Script written and directed by Krishna Sankar.
May 17th 5:00pm | Performance Showcase
Natyalaya School of Dance
Rechita Nrityalaya
Stand up comedy by Sayee Rajamany, a professional from Dallas.