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Seonee: the Vision

At its heart, Seonee is the story of a boy torn between two worlds. His family of wolves, and the village where he came from.

This theme was the guiding light for everything in the play, the costumes, the sets, and even the marketing.

In designing the poster, I wanted to show a young man surrounded by green, comfortable with the trees and animals, but with the village behind him. To me, the logo was the most important and lasting symbol of Mowgli’s struggle. Stone-chiseled letters overgrown by vines and flowers, and surrounded by wildlife. This logo was also used in our original marketing back in 2009.

In the play, it is not only Mowgli who is influenced by the call of the village. The monkeys all wish to be more like humans, and even play with discarded human items such as busted umbrellas, slinkies, and musical instruments. The monkeys also think themselves better than the wolves and Baloo, just as the humans think they are better than all the animals.

But in the end it is the forest where Mowgli belongs.

Capturing the forest itself meant working to build not only decorative set pieces but items that seemed to be part of the forest itself, used by the animals, played on, and lived in. The most prominent piece is our tree, where Bagheera the panther lives, and where the bees make their home.

The other aspect of capturing the forest and the village is in the lighting. Patches of light streaming in through the canopy. The shadow of the leaves in the early morning. And the bright light of the village and the hills where Mowgli tends his herd.

In the end, it’s not just the play itself, but all of these different elements that help transport the audience to another time and place! So I hope you’ll enjoy being taken away to the Seonee forest!

Kanaka Sathasivan
Associate Director, Natyalaya School of Dance
Marketing & Lighting Director, Seonee