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Spring Semester Starting!

Hi Everyone,

A Very Happy New Year to you and your families. Hope you had a wonderful season with family and friends. We are starting classes this weekend, Jan 12th. Due to Seonee rehearsals some of the Sun and Sat classes may be rescheduled – please watch for emails regarding this. Hope you will come and support Seonee on Jan 20th and help raise money for Austin Hindu Temple.

Fees are due at the beginning of the semester. Late payments ( beyond 30 days) will incur $5.00 late charge for every month that it is past due. The main purpose of charging by semester is to make accounting easier and payment to teachers more expedited. Late payments defeat those objectives. Please observe parking rules both to accommodate neighbors and for road safety. Park in Black Oak, and most problems will be avoided.

We hope to have our school recital in March. Please watch for emails regarding this.

Fee Schedule (same as 2012 fall semester)

Beginners – Alarippu: $235.00
Jathiswaram – Varnam: $250.00
Post-varnam: $260.00

All new students will need to pay a one time $45 registration fee.

Also, please come to all our arangetrams (click here for dates and times) this summer! This is a great opportunity for young dancers to see what they can achieve! We look forward to an exciting 2013 year in dance.

Thanks for all your support,
Vinitha, Sandhya S., Kanaka, Neha, Gayathri, Sandhya V., Nikita, Dharini, Juhi, and Meera