Dance is the hidden language of the soul.

― Martha Graham

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Natyalaya School of Dance is dedicated to teaching and propagating the Indian classical dances particularly Bharathanatyam. We try to inculcate the love of dancing into every student so that all children can realize their full potential.

Alice in Wonderland

Founded in 1982 by Vinitha Subramanian, Natyalaya is the largest and oldest classical dance school in the central Texas area.

Students of Natyalaya are trained in Bharathanatyam, one of the most ancient classical dance forms in the world. Bharathanatyam is a highly structured and codified form of dance, which is taught in traditional progression, starting with Adavus, Allaripu, Kauthuvam, Jathiswaram, Varnam, and ending with Thillana. Students are also trained in Abhinaya, acting and story-telling. Once students have reached a certain proficiency, they can complete an Arangetram, which is a solo performance given with live orchestra to introduce the dancer to the community. Students of Natyalaya also give various performances in the Austin area as well as around Texas. Every summer, Natyalaya hosts master classes and workshops conducted by accomplished artists from India, in order to expose the students to various styles of dance.