All dancers in group classes are required to wear designated uniforms.

In order to perform the necessary movements, dancers must wear loose, stretchy, or flexible clothing that covers the knees. The pants especially should not be restrictive or too long. Please test them in murumandi before attending and pin up long pants before class starts. Jeans, shorts, and skirts are NOT allowed.

Hair should be out of the face and pulled into a ponytail or braid. Loose bangs must be clipped up. No dangling jewelry (earrings, long necklaces, loose bangles) is allowed as flying articles of jewelry pose a threat to other dancers in the class as well.


Please come to class on time. Because of the large number of students we have, classes need to run on a strict schedule to avoid overcrowding (and over-stressing the teacher). 

Students are expected to attend every lesson. Attendance will be taken before each class. Numerous absences may hinder the student’s training, and in some cases, they may be moved to a lower level. If a student is running late or will be missing a lesson, please call the instructor to notify them. Under some circumstances, private make-up lessons can be arranged (additional fees may apply). If a class is canceled for any reason, there will be a make-up lesson in December or May (the ends of the semesters).

Studio Etiquette

Please place all shoes on the shoe rack when entering.

Dancers: Dancers are not allowed to leave class without permission from the teacher. This includes drinking water, going to the bathroom, or sitting on the floor. Dancers are expected to be attentive and quiet during lessons. All students should address their teachers as “Akka,” “Dhi-dhi,” etc. or “Auntie” as per the teacher’s preference. Students should bring a notebook and pencil/pen with them to every class. For younger children, parents can write for them. We will ask also ask the children to keep practice sheets and they are expected to practice an assigned number of hours every week. They will get rewards for practicing and behaving in class.

Parents: Once class starts, parents are expected to keep their voices down and restrain their other children. Please restrain the urge to talk to or correct your child during the lesson. If you have any concerns about the way your child is learning, let the instructor know privately after class or during a break. Parents are welcome to drop their children off and pick them up after class.


Fees are based on level of instruction and vary for group lessons and private lessons. There is a one-time non-refundable registration fee of $45 for new students. Fees are due at the beginning of each semester; checks can be written out to Natyalaya, with the student’s name in the memo.